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Three New Mexico Adventures to choose from

New Mexico is a really special place and one I return to again and again. It has an amazing history, culture, art and stunning nature in the north part of the state.

I host three adventures there and l'll lay them out here.

1. The Santa Fe Scavenger Hunt

I host hunts in 13 locations and Santa Fe is number 1 for a reason! It is so fun to explore the gorgeous and colorful plaza area with a list of fun and creative missions.

2. The Taos Scavenger Hunt- Oh Taos, I love you so..anytime i get to NM, my heart starts beating telling me to keep driving north. I love the amazing and secret Taos mountain with the wind whipping down it and the smell of sage and the light that has inspired artists for generations. I love that nature is stronger than the human habitation in this town. That is why I start this hunt at a small off the main tourist trek park- to allow people to connect with the beauty before headng over to the plaza area.

Both of these first two hunts have social interactions, and you will learn some stories about history and art. They are also somewhat fast paced, though running is definately not needed. You have a lot to do in 2 hours.

This last adventure is slowed paced, quiet, not focused on learning history or connecting with anyone else. Its more about slowing way down and connecting with the powerful nature of the Rio Grande in a peaceful and quiet place. The missions do encourage you to be creative and mindful. You can take all the time you like, though most people spend about 2.5 hours.


3. The Rio Grande Mindfulness Adventure

This magical part of the Rio Grande is the most beautiful in New Mexico.
Creative types have been coming to NM for generations. Are you ready to slow down, do some wandering and get creative?
This unique adventure is a creative session & wandering journey into the lower Rio Grande Gorge.
Time to take a deeper dive into the power and inspiration of the beauty of nature on the Rio Grande
Tara, your creative collaborator & cheerleader will do your kick off
remotely and send your mission list before you head out to your
You will be starting at a local artist studio on the banks of the Rio Grande, and wandering mindfully with creative challenges
along the way.
This experience is a slower, more reflective one than my active, challenging on the move Taos and Santa Fe Plaza scavenger
Expect magic, peace, the sounds of nature, no wifi or cell reception.
The journey IS the process.
There are 3 options on this adventure. One is a 4 mile hike/one is a 2 mile
hike and one is an easy road walk. You pick your comfort level.
There is a lot of flexibility on start times on this adventure.