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Connecting with Los Rios River Runners Guests

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A few years back I had another career before I became a scavenger hunt host. I was a videographer, working for myself, and I made a lot of videos for adventure tour companies like Paradise Balloons and Los Rio River Runners. It was pretty exciting to run the Box with my underwater housing and crawl around in the Chama river getting shots.

I valued getting to know Cisco Guevara, owner of Los Rio River Runners. Not only did he value my creativity, but I enjoyed learning all I could about New Mexico and talking past and recent history, subjects of interest we both shared. I'll never forget the main thing he wanted to say to prospective guests was that this was FUN. It was a fun activity and they would have fun. This is something I have taken with me into the scavenger hunt business and this is why I think we have a lot of the same guests, people who enjoy adventure, exploring, having fun and enjoying the magical places we both operate. Sure our activites are very different but both are fun, really fun.


Los Rios has four tours I recommend. The Racecourse is fast paced class 3 couple hour part day trip with lots of fun and splashing. The Box is more hard core. Class four, some serious white water that only runs in spring. The Chama is stunning, remote, mostly class 3 and multi day trips and the OV( one of my favorite places in the world) dinner cruise is a slow wander down a quiet and beautiful part of the Rio Grande.

Please be sure to mention Los Rios River Runners when you get in touch. I'll give you a special Rio Grande clue/mission that only Los Rios guests will get this year. And I hope at the end you'll be sure to give Cisco a heads up and let him know that New Mexico was twice as FUN this year!


Ps. I was just lucky enough to hear an advanced version of Cisco's new storytelling CD! I loved it. He really has a unique perspective and place in New Mexico history and adventure. Ask the office where you can get a copy if you like great stories.