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Please check my refund policy here

Hi hunters.

There are three refund policies depending where you book so I will clarify here,

1. Airbnb-You can cancel within the first 24 hours of the time you make the reservations for a full refund. You can also cancel up to ONE WEEK before the booked game date for a full refund. Anytime AFTER the 24 hours from booking, you will need to cancel a full week before the hunt to get a refund. No credit will be issued for a no show.

2. Viator or Trip Advisor or Groupon or any partner site-You can cancel up for 24 hours before the game for a full refund. No credit or refund will be given after this time.

3. Book direct- When you book direct you can choose your hunt time, and you can request a custom clue( normally $50). Please remind me the day before the game. Another benefit for direct bookers is that I am pretty knowledgable about your hunt location and can offer trip planning tips as soon as you book. The refund poilcy is that there is NO refund after booking. If you cancel 24 hours before the hunt, you get a one time credit good for one year at any of my hunt locations( you cant cancel a second time and still use the credit). The direct booking is the only method that offers a credit for one year for a cancelation.