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Introducing the" Indie" version of my hunts

Introducing the "Indie," a new version of our immersive hunts for those seeking a different experience. Let's clarify the distinctions
between our two offerings, so you can easily find the perfect fit for
your adventure.

First up, we have "Cats Meow," the classic hunt with its own set of unique features:

1. A 2-hour action-packed hunt, guaranteed to end right on time.

2. Our live game designer/guide will accompany you throughout, hosting
with an improvisational flair, sharing stories as you uncover clues, and
inspiring your creativity.

3. Before and after the hunt, we'll engage in a pregame powwow and post-hunt wrap-up, connecting with
your group via speakerphone for a truly personalized experience.

Now, let's delve into "The Indie," an alternative option for those seeking a more independent adventure:

1. We'll coordinate a convenient powwow time, similar to Cats Meow, but
the key difference lies in your hunt's starting time - you decide when
you're ready to begin.

2. No time constraints here! Take your time to immerse yourself in the hunt; there's no pressure to finish within two hours.

3. Unlike Cats Meow, you won't send videos, photos, or audio files as you
progress. Instead, keep all the media and share it with us once your
hunt is completed.

4. The clue list remains the same as in Cats Meow, so you won't miss out on any excitement and the hunt quality stays the same.

5. Your host will craft a custom clue based on a couple of paragraphs
detailing your interests, hobbies, or special occasions - a delightful
addition typically offered at an extra cost on Cats Meow.

6. Following the completion of your hunt, your host will comment on the
media you shared and share stories about some of your discoveries. Expect a call
shortly (but not immediately) for your post-hunt wrap-up.

Each hunt suits different preferences, so whether you're seeking encouragement and
guidance and in the moment fun like Cats Meow offers or prefer a more independent
adventure like The Indie, we've got you covered. Choose
the one that resonates with your spirit and get ready for an
unforgettable experience!