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  • Who is up for a fun immersive and active adventure in a new place?


    These unique and innovative hunts combine creative challenges, social experimentation and being detectives on the hunt for art and history clues.


    Get ready to EXPLORE, CREATE, CONNECT, DIG DEEPER into the amazing places you visit.

    Put your detective skills to use!

    Think of your favorite detective. Maybe its Sherlock, Columbo, Nancy Drew, or Scooby. If you get stuck on the hunt, imagine your fav detective on your shoulder helping you with clues. No Google allowed is one of the game rules for this adventure! You are going old school!

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    So you are traveling solo and want to do a scavenger hunt? Ok I am gonna lay out the facts- check them and be honest with yourself and me and decide if you think its a good fit for you. First off- note the price of your scavenger hunt. Its $35. With booking platforms I get about $25 for a few...
    Santa Fe Santafe.org Great website for SF Rainbow Man- great store to learn about the Shadow Catcher. One of my fav things to buy are felt flowers which are about $5.. great gift some for one back home. https://www.rainbowman.com/ New Mexico History Museum https://www.nmhistorymuseum...
    Yay! I am excited to be added to the amazing Santafe.org website! Santa Fe is my most popular hunt and for good reason. It has it all- a stuning and vibrant plaza, friendly locals, fascinating history and the creative vibes in the air. If you just found me on Santafe.org, thanks for showing...
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  • FAQ

    A little more info on how the hunts work

    Q. I am ready for a unique adventure! Is this for me?

    A.If you love learning new things, exploring beautiful places, chatting with people and flexing your creative muscles this is for you!


    Q. I have been on a scavenger hunt! So we will be searching for GPS points and geocaching?

    Prepare for something completely new. There is no geocaching or GPS points on these hunts. Bring an open mind and a blank slate so I can surprise you!

    Q. Is this a guided tour? You will be coming with me on the hunt?

    No, this is not a guided tour. You will probably learn as much as during a guided tour if you play full on, but that is up to you. You hunt master Tara has been a tour guide for 25 years and will interacting with you during the hunt. Most of the hunts, with the exception of Sedona are hosted on Whats App.

    Q. Its just me, or just me and a friend. Do you guarantee competing teams?

    No I can not guarantee completing teams or being able to put you on another team.The hunt is designed to work well for any number of players and team members. My very first hunter the first day I hosted was a Las Vegas police detective who came alone but met a lot of people and had a blast figuring out the clues!

    Q. What should we do to prepare? 

    Find me on Whats App a day or two before your hunt, and for the day of the hunt, plan to give it plenty of time to reach the starting point, eat a meal before the hunt so you don't get hungry, wear good walking shoes and bring a fully charged cell phone.

    Imagine this is like going bowling.. get your shoes on, the ball ready and line up before you play and you have a great chance of success. The few people who don't do well on the hunt don't connect on Whats App prior to the game,their phone dies or they show up hungry, tired or late. Don't let that be you!

    Q. Is this a good event for teams?

    Creative Soul Scavenger Hunts are wonderful events for teams, families, groups. Ask for a custom clues for groups of over 8 or more and for special occasions! No charge for a custom clue for parties of 8 or more. Add $35 custom clue fee to smaller groups.



    Q. Are we going to meet you?

    I host most of the Sedona hunts in person. In my other locations I host the event on Whats App, so we will be connecting through that and I'll definately be very involved in your hunt, interacting with you the whole time and responding to your clues. It is like having your own game show host and cheerleader in your pocket!

    Q. Is the price per person or per team?

    The price is per person. Please be sure to book for the correct number of people. If extra people show up, then the whole group needs to wait until payment is processed and it slows the upbeat vibe we need for the best results. Please book for the right amount of people.

    Q. How much is this super fun adventure?

    The hunt price for most hunts is $35. The Rio Grande Immersive Nature Adventures are $39 per person.

    Q. I want it cheaper! Can I get a discount?

    This is a great deal guys! This is not an event when you get handed a piece of paper and are told good luck.. your have a personal host and guide interacting and customizing YOUR two hour adventure for $ 35 or $37 a person. I have not raised my prices( except $2 in Hawaii) in 5 years!

    Seriously, its the best activity value in Hawaii. If you know of a better activity value than this please message me and let me know. I'll sign up.


    Large groups- I do custom clues, help with local tips and provide a lot of logistical support for large groups. This is a value on its own that can be considered a bonus.


    Q. Why should we trust you with our precious vacation time?

    Its my goal that this is 2 hours of the best time on your trip, that you have a joyful time, create fun memories with your friends and family, learn some of things I myself love about these beautiful places and have an experience you wouldnt have otherwise.

    Q. What ages are your hunts for?



    My hunts are for all ages of people who enjoy exploring, being creative and talking to people. Everyone brings something different to the mix. Kids do well on an adult led team. Teenagers at least 15 and up often do great as their own team. We can discuss how to divide the teams after booking.





  • Creative Soul Of Santa Fe and Taos and the Lower Rio Grange

    New Mexico is one of the best places in the world for an art and history hunt-

    I also offer a great option on the banks of the lower Rio Grande between Taos and Santa Fe

    Meowed it? Howled it? Ready for something new?

    Simply the newest and most creative Thing To Do In New Mexico


    Simply the newest and most creative Thing To Do In Santa Fe!

    "Tara's scavenger hunt was just awesome. We got to see so much of old town Santa Fe during the hunt and in a way that we would not have on our own. It was fun and we learned a bunch about the town we were visiting. Great way to spend an awesome afternoon."

    Magical Taos Adventure Hunt

    The rich history and colorful plaza is a wonderful place to dive deep in creativity and exploration.


    "Wow! This was so much fun. Tara’s scavenger hunt was the perfect balance of playful creativity and unique ways of interacting with and learning about Taos. Tara very generously shares her creativity, knowledge and fun/passionate spirit. She encourages you to be imaginative and bold in the ways you engage the game. Her responses throughout the hunt were timely and so thoughtful. Highly recommend!!!!" On Airbnb Experience reviews.

    Santa Fe is a great place to explore. Creative Soul Scavenger Hunts is featured in the Kayak guide. For more ideas on what to do in Santa Fe check it out



  • More Super Unique Hunts

    Team building and group events offered.

    Part creative challenge, part social experiment and part dive into art and history, this hunt is sure to engage you, offer an opportunity to meet others and learn local lore.

    This a great way for your group to connect in a fun and light hearted way. There will be photos and videos you can use on your social media.

    Yes! Yes! Tell me how to sign up!

    What's App is a crucial app to have on at least one team members smart phone for this hunt as we will be using it to send audio and photo files we can't send on regular texting. So be sure to get that on your phone before the event. It is not a hard app to use but if you haven't done so before practice on it a little beforehand sending some photos and videos.

  • About Your Hunt Masters-Tara and Fig

    I Love Creativity and Travel

    I'm a guide, filmmaker,traveler, storyteller and creative instigator! I want to encourage and support others to get a little outside of their comfort zone and try a fun creative adventure.
    All of my hunts are in places I find amazing and gorgeous and love to share.
    I made a film called Peace Walker, shot over an 1100 mile walk through Scotland and England.


    Cat Energy Headed Your Way

    I have the worlds most amazing cat angel Fig aka Neko Sensei who works hard as my cohost, loving , supporting and inspiring hunts all over!
    Mention you saw her pic here and that you would like a cat fortune at the end of your hunt.She will tell your fortune!


    Get in touch to start your adventure

    Contact Tara at doornumberthreefilms@yahoo.com

    or by text or Whats App at 505-692-0644

    You can book a hunt and then request a call to discuss details.



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    Prices and payment




    All hunt locations are $35 a person. Kids two and under are free.

    Groups of 9 or more get one person free.If you have a group of 18 you would get two free tickets and so on.


    My new favorite payment method is Zelle. Its to my phone number 5056920644.

    Second best is Paypal























    call or text 5056920644

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