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Upgraded Santa Fe and Taos Scavenger Hunts

on the road with Fig

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I LOVE Northern New Mexico in fall. Actually I love Northern New Mexico in spring and summer, too but I had to cancel my July trip because of Covid this summer so I was hankering to get back and experience the fall colors.

Fig, my faithful travel companion came along and I did an upgrade on my Taos plaza and Santa Fe plaza hunts.

I keep an eye on changing public art displays. For example the great bee poem( an amazing clue) and the Black Lives Matter display at Manzanita Market are now down in Taos. There was also a epic Mary Magdalene mural where she has a hankerchief over her mouth that is gone.

In Santa Fe the obelisk has been toppled( creating a new clue) and the Rosie the Riveter display at the history museum is now down so that clue has been retired.

Other clues have stood the test of time.

Taos and Santa Fe have about 4 new clues each. Who is ready to play?

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