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Things to know for SOLO Scavenger Hunters

So you are traveling solo and want to do a scavenger hunt?

Ok I am gonna lay out the facts- check them and be honest with yourself and me and decide if you think its a good fit for you.

First off- note the price of your scavenger hunt. Its $35. With booking platforms I get about $25 for a few hours work with you. That is less than minimum wage. I'm not complaining because I love my job. I also travel solo myself and hate having to pay for more than one person to enjoy an activity. Most activity providers do not take solo guests unless they have a group already. In Costa Rica to do the Corcovado trek I had to pay hundreds more because i was alone.So I do not charge a single supplement but I DO carefully check to see if you are a good fit.

Why? Because solo guests are most likely to have not read the description or want something different than what I provide in which case I'm making $8 an hour for an unhappy guest.

I do not provide solo guests a team to play with. There is no way I do can that. People may or may not book your time slot. People may or may show up on time. People may have booked to have a bonding experience with friends or relatives and I can't inform them I am adding someone to their team. So there is a 99% chance if you book solo you are playing solo. Now if you are prepared to play solo and there happens to be another team and they invite you( their decision not mine) to join their team- sure thats fine. That has happened and its lovely to see but its not something to count on.

The game is designed to NOT be easy. It is an active and challenging game. It will most likely push you out of your comfort zone, on purpose. Some people will be more comfortable doing this with a companion.

Be aware if you book as a solo hunter and we start the game and I give you the clues and you decide its too hard YOU WONT GET A REFUND. Please let me know you read this and agree to these terms.

Now all that being said some solo hunters have done fantastic at my hunts, learned a lot, had a great experience and met people they never would have met.. my very first hunter was an actual police detective from Las Vegas.. she did amazing and she was alone.

I do have three experiences that do lend themselves more to solo guests- nature adventures- one in Sedona one on the Rio Grande near Taos and one in Kauai so feel free to ask me about those as well.

Thanks for reading. The reason I wrote this blog post is not so much to discourage solo guests but for them to understand what is and isnt involved and allow each guest to make the decision, based on that info, if a solo hunt is right for them.



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