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Sedona, Jerome, and Tucson Safe and Fun Scavenger Hunts

Time to have some safe fun in nature

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Its been a rough couple months for all of us and as we all know, its not over yet. However, we can get out and enjoy the beauty of spring and nature in amazing places in our state. Maybe most of you are visiting on a day trip, ready to get a change of scenery and do something fun and positive with your family. I was in Jerome the other day and I redesigned a few of my clues and felt this quirky interesting town is definately going to work for a fun scavenger hunt at this time. Sedona, too, has a great option in one of the parks.All my hunts are hosted remotely on Whats App, and are for your private group only. Watching and waiting to see when the Grand Canyon reopens. I have a great hunt there and Ill cruise up when it first opens to beat the crowds.

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