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Search For the Story- The Worlds First Documentary Film School Scavenger Hunt











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I'm so excited I can hardly sit still after a major brainstorm yesterday for a all new epic hunt that brings together my skills and interests.

Fourteen years ago, I went to film school because I wanted to change the world. I was sure, like most doc filmmakers) that it could be done. Ultimately, I made a film called Peace Walker about a peace walk through the entire UK on foot. It was an amazing adventure and a life changing journey. I learned a ton, met incredible people, climbed on roofs, slept in a field and cried a lot. But I didnt change the world.

When you are in film school, you get weekly assignments to make 5 minute videos. This gives you a chance to try out brand new skills. In fact its like throwing out the first pancakes. I promise your first exercise wont be for sale at National Geographic. But that is awesome. Because no one is paying you and because its a fun activity you can play around and explore, learn about a new subject and have a chance to be nosy.

I'm going to challenge you to do some research on your chosen subject, scratch below the surface, print out release forms, get a couple interviews, shoot b-roll.

I'll be your co-collaborator along the way, but you will be doing the heavy lifting.

This experience does not include technical support for your camera or gear or smart phone and does not include editing and post production guidance.

Who is up for the worlds first documentary film-making scavenger hunt?


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