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Marnie in Georgia

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Friday I did a new Search For The Story with Marnie in Georgia and she had this to say. Check out her video below, too.

Professional, Great Value and Service

Tripadvisor review: Search for the Story New Orleans-Documentary Film School Scavenger Hunt

Tara coached me through researching and gathering everything I needed to make an engaging video on Elderberry, it's benefits, and whether it would be a helpful immune-booster to prevent/alleviate COVID. Tara is fantastic! Even though I've created hundreds of videos in the past, I learned a lot about how to dive deep into a subject and then pull out the highlights to create a crisp 3-minute video, packed with information and well-presented. Tara gave me ideas for everything from content suggestions, to photo angles, to video clip ideas, to creating a voice over that stayed on point. I believe anyone who plans to make videos (or is already making videos) could benefit from working with Tara. She offers a fantastic service at an incredible deal!

Have questions about how it works? Feel free to shoot me a text or call 5056920644

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