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London, Galapagos Islands, New Orleans, Oahu, Santa Fe

· scavenger hunts,documentary,filmmaking,london,galapagos islands

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Creative ones,get ready to search out a story & start your own mini documentary on this unique adventure unlike any scavenger hunt you have ever been on. We will work together to find a story you want to tell. You can pick one of 3 story options that I will give you in our pre-production meeting on Whats App. They will be good candidates for an interesting first doc project, or you can pick one you like in the realm of culture, food, history, art, music or nature and animals. We are going to skip controversial subjects, politics, religion, anything harsh, profane or sexual. Your hunt will have you printing release forms, doing research, determining who you will interview, and where you will go to get footage and B-roll shots. You can choose 2 different filmmaker styles- The Planner or the Last Minute Run and Gun Shooter. In the film school I went to we did weekly assignments where we created 5 minute films. This is similiar but it has a scavenger hunt flavor to it.This fun but challenging adventure is a creative session and deeper dive into a new place and your own creativity. Tara, your creative collaborator will be curating creative exercises and brainstorming along the way.
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