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P.S. Palm Springs I love you Immersive Scavenger Hunt

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I am happy to announce my newest scavenger hunt- Palm Springs starting at the Palm Springs art museum.

I have a long history with PS. It literally is the first place i ever went on vacation in my life. I used to live in Lake Arrowhead as a kid and my grandparents owned a place in PS. I do rememver 130 degree days though why anyne would go on vacation there in the summer is beyond me.. though in the winter it is amazingly lovely.

Though there is a lot of traffic and driving all my hunts are on foot to allow for a lot more relations, immersion and fun. The Palm Springs Art museum is our perfect start point.

Normally my tickets are $35 each, but i can offer a temp PS special. Hunts April 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th and 11th are offered at $20 a ticket.