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No more solo hunters


I'm kind of sad to write this blog but at the same time its part of growth and improvement for my small business. First off I'm a solo traveler myself and i would love a game like this. Second I have hosted a few very memeorable solo travelers who completely aced my hunt.

But it doesnt really make sense. I make about $8 an hour( who else makes that little these days?) and solo hunters are 10 times more likely not to read the descritpion, want a live onsite guide and companion and think im proving hem a group to play with, thus making them far far more likely to be impossible to please for that $8 an hour.

Plus, lets face it, this is a social and challneging game. The vast majority of people need a companion to stretch themselves.

So solo travelers, if you really want to play your first mission is to find a frinedly person to get to know on a scavenger hunt! Its definately a bonding adventure!