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New Magical Animal Storytelling Game

Can be played at any quiet location

Creative Adventure Warning Ahead!
This immersive adventure is a combination of storytelling and nature and is best for those who are ready to jump full on into the creative realm!
Are you a writer/actor/artist/musician? Great! If not, lets pretend you are!
This unique game will call on your imagination and creativity!
This interactive game is based on magical animal myths such as The Coyote Under The Table, The Jade Rabbit and Yellow Corn Girl.
Your creative missions will include re-enacting parts of the story, creating a art piece from your interpretation of the story, and doing other creative challenges.

Come to this adventure with a blank slate, a fully charged cell phone and an open mind. Anything might happen!

Please note that Whats App is needed for this game as that is how we will send photos/videos/audio files back and forth. This is a Covid safe adventure as I am hosting remotely but am in your pocket for this event.

This game can be done in a park, yard, or patio or even in your home or vacation rental.

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