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My Holiday Hunt Availibility

book now if you have a top choice

I love hosting scavenger hunts but even I need some days off.

New Mexico is currently closed so those live location hunts are off the table for two weeks. If you interested in a remote NM themed game for the holidays, I can provide that on my days available.

I am hosting my Arizona hunts Nov 19th through Nov 28th.

Kona and Kauai hunts are also available these dates as is The Creative Connectivity Game- Hawaiian Style, which is a great choice for a super fun socially distanced game.

Nov 29th is not available.

Dec 1st and Dec 2 are not available for Arizona bookings but afternoon Hawaii hunts and and evening The Creative Connectivity Game can be booked during those 2 dates.

The way I work my schedule is once I get 2 or 3 games, I take off all unbooked games for that day. This is why you may see availability and then that changes right before the date.

For further dates feel free to email.

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