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Introducing the Turtle team option

Initially, Creative Soul Scavenger Hunts were designed for Eagle teams who are active, up for a challenge and ready to engage with enthusiasm and energy. However, after 3 years of hosting, I have noticed that some players do not want to be Eagles. I would called them the Turtles. They want to enjoy the journey, go slow( think of a regaae beat) and enjoy the scenery. Now each team will choose their team type so I, as your game host, can best support you on this adventure.

One important note: Both teams will still have the same amount of hunt time. Turtles will just have to understand and accept they will not be able to do all the clues in the time allotted for the hunt.

Question and Answer about Turtles and Eagles:

Q. Can we have Turtles and Eagles on the same team?

A. Imagine doing a 3 legged race and one person wanted to walk and one to run. It might be difficult. I do recommend each team pick one style. Groups can definately be split into Turtle and Eagle Teams.

Q. I thought we wanted to be Eagles but now that we see the clue list we want to change to Turtles. Is that ok?

A. Sure.

Q. Do Eagles and Turtles have all the same clues?

A. Yes, but Eagles will do more of them and can request a bonus clue when they have done the majority of their clues. Turtles will have plenty to do at their pace without a bonus clue. Turtles can pick and choose which clues they want to spend their time on.

Q. We want to be Turtles and we have all day. Can we make this an all day scavenger hunt?

A. No, sorry guys. my price point doesnt allow for super long scavenger hunts that last all day. I had to make this rule after a Turtle team did a record 7 hour scavenger hunt. I'm sure you guys could run the numbers and as I make about 25$ a person thats about 2 $ an hour. Turtle teams have the same amount of time and should just be ok going into the game that they will not be able to do all the clues in the time provided at a Turtle pace.

Q. Is there a benefit to being a Turtle?

A. Yes, if you are the kind of person who doesnt enjoy a fast pace, who likes to take time to smell the roses, who may even want to do a little shopping( ack! Eagles never go shopping during a hunt!) and take a little extra time to make local connections being a Turtle Team would be a good option.

Q. Why did you start having Turtle and Eagle teams?

After 3 years of hosting i realized some people dont want to be Eagles and I wanted to a better system to support all who do my hunts, even those who want to go at a slower pace.

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