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Defining a Game

some definitions of a game to ponder

How would you define the word game? Game designers weigh in.

Any glorious use of time.( I like this!)

A game is problem solving.( True!)

It's when you're using your brain to solve problems but in a fun, sort of entertainment context.( Yes, flex those brain muscles!)

I think a game is a structure for play. So basically a game has rules or has some form of constraint that we engage in, either with other people or on our own and that somehow magically, from these sort of very rigid rules generate play, generate expression,new strategies, creativity. They're kind of this amazing little compressed engine that explodes into all kinds of different possibilities. ( great definition!)


Fundamentally games offer an experience for players.

It takes them out of the world we're in right now,( or allows them to go deeper into that world, I would add)

It takes them out of the experience they're having and puts them into an entirely new experience. And it's an immersive experience, and it's a form of escape.